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Max Property Group's Maximize Software enables companies to easily start businesses in the crowdfunding sector.

Max Crowdfund

Max Crowdfund is part of Max Property Group and enables people to invest in real estate internationally, from as little as 100 euros.

Funds and More

You can easily invest in carefully selected funds via Max Property Group. MPG also offers other interesting investment opportunities for real estate investors.

About us

Max Property Group was founded in 2016 by a group of real estate professionals with multiple years of experience in real estate financing, real estate fund structuring and project development.

Mission statement: Make real estate investments accessible to everyone.

In 2016 the group launched their first €2.5M property fund in the Netherlands, which was quickly followed by a €2.5M German property fund, a £4.25M UK property fund and a second €2.5M Dutch property fund. 

Late 2017 the decision was made to develop an international real estate crowdfunding platform to fully automate the investment process. Max Crowdfund was launched in 2020 after obtaining approval from the Dutch financial regulators (AFM).

The group also markets exclusive projects and the first project was the expansion of Zuytland Buiten. This holiday park expanded from 105 units to 181 units and the sales and marketing are being provided by Max Property Group.

Feel free to reach out if you are looking for a professional partner to structure a real estate fund, market a real estate project or if you are looking to raise funds for an interesting real estate development. 

Crowdfunding in the real estate world

At the end of 2020, Max Property Group launched the company Max Crowdfund, which makes it possible to invest in real estate projects from as little as 100 euros. This is in line with our vision to make the real estate world accessible to everyone, but also ensures more transparency and flexibility in a previously static market.

Discover the Maximise Software

Max Property Group has had its software developed for the Max Crowdfund platform; Maximize. This allows us to take crowdfunding to a new level in terms of automation and transparency. 

We make it possible for other companies active in the crowdfunding industry to use our software so that they can quickly launch projects and raise capital from the crowd. Read more about our software on the Maximise page.

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