Max Property Group: Newsletter May 2021

Max Property Group: Newsletter May 2021

Stock Market Tension That Could Be Cut With A Knife

Record-breaking shares sold by company insiders

In the US, stock market trading based on so-called “margin debt” has reached a new record. Margin debt is the amount of money that investors can borrow in their investment account to buy even more shares. Existing portfolios are then partly used as collateral for new investments. It is clear that, if a significant amount of borrowed money is invested, the risks on the stock market increase.

Stock market guru, Gary Shilling, foresees a heavy crash for stocks and cryptos with a lingering euphoria

Shilling, who correctly predicted previous crashes, has accused the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury of inflating stock prices by injecting unprecedented amounts of free money into the financial system. He also warns investors to not allow the current stock market madness to drive them into a frenzy.

Peace and High Returns In The Inflation Resistant Real Estate Market

Historically low offer boosts residential sales price by almost 15%

The housing market in the Netherlands remains unprecedentedly tight. This is evident from the Dutch Association of Estate Agents (NVM) housing market figures for the first quarter of 2021, with sharp price increments and increasing scarcity and overbids.

The average selling price of an existing home rose in the first quarter of 2021 to € 385,000. Compared to the first quarter of 2020, this is an increase of almost 15%. This has not happened in the last 20 years. Halfway through the first quarter of 2021, approximately 17,500 homes were for sale, 42% less compared to a year ago.

Investors buy a lot of packaged home rental mortgages

Mortgages from individuals buying homes for rent were widely bundled last year, packaged as bonds and resold to investors. According to De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), this reflects the growth of the private rental market and the interest of major investors such as pension funds in the Dutch housing market. [ANP]

A portfolio of international real estate loans offers peace of mind and above 7% per year

Via Max Crowdfund you can invest in real estate in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and England and soon even more countries with returns of 5-15% (ROI). The current average stands at 7.92% per year!

Unicorn status a possibility for Max Property Group?

The odds are in our favour! Max Property Group is the owner of Max Crowdfund and this real estate crowdfunding platform is expanding very quickly on an international scale. JV agreements have already been signed with New Zealand (on the brink of going live), Canada, the UK, Sweden, Germany and Australia, South Africa and Mexico are also on the way.


Negative Interest? What To Do With Savings…

A rather sizeable number of large Dutch banks have announced they will charge a negative interest rate of 0.5% to customers with assets of more than € 100,000.

Additionally, De Telegraaf has published an interesting video detailing that having savings is riskier than investing in shares or real estate.

Via Max Crowdfund, you can invest starting at just €100, with an average return of 7.94%.

The Equity Round Is Now Live!

The Max Property Group Equity Round is now live! We have prepared a Series A equity round to keep up with the developments of the Max Crowdfund platform. The intention is to raise € 4.25 million, which will be used for the technical development of the platform and obtain regulatory approvals as it expands into new jurisdictions.

Starting at € 500, you can invest in our ambition. For every € 500 invested, you will receive 200 MPGs. The price of the shares is, therefore, € 2.50. The current price in your Max Crowdfund account can be tracked at any time.

€1.000.000+ Raised Through Crowdfunding

We raised more than €1.000.000 in the antecedent period, through two loans, one in Belgium and another in the United Kingdom.

In the Belgian city of Antwerp, the capital raised will be used for purchases. So that the renovation of the project can commence!

In the UK, the capital raised will be used to purchase the property.

Written by: Julia van der Kooij