Max Property Group: Newsletter September 2023

Max Property Group: Newsletter September 2023

Milestones achieved this summer

Over the last few weeks, Max Property Group's white-label fintech software, Maximise, launched in Alpha, and Max Crowdfund completed its application for the European Crowdfunding Service Provider (ECSP) licence. Max Crowdfund surpassed 50M Euros raised on the platform and released its upgraded software (powered by Maximise) on the 1st September 2023. Max Property Group launched a Series-B equity round on the 3rd September 2023 to raise funds for expansion, development and acquisitions. 

Max Property Group

Since its Series-A equity round, which completed in early 2022, Max Property Group has met several milestones across its brands, including Max Crowdfund and Maximise.

The property portfolio held by Max Property Deutschland was sold at the end of December 2022 and the bond holders were repaid in January 2023. Max Crowdfund's published projects and user base grew exponentially, to the point that its underlying software could not handle the volume of transactions taking place on the platform. Shortly after reaching 50 Million Euros raised on the platform and 10,000 users, Max Crowdfund launched its new software, powered by Maximise, a brand owned by Max Property Group. 

Maximise is a white-label financial automation and data processing platform which is being developed as a multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi jurisdictional financial software solution. Its first application is naturally the Max Crowdfund platform, facilitating lightning-fast transactions on the MCF platform, and completely changing the user experience for its 10,000 strong users. During the end of August and early September 2023, MCF users have been testing the platforms features and overall experience, and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 

With Maximise, one is able to launch a fintech platform in a matter of days as well as manage any financial product, from individual and company on-boarding to automated KYC and KYB checks, ongoing AML checks and full financial and tax reporting. MPG is very excited about the scope and potential of this product, and believes it has the ability to lead the SaaS market within the financial space.

Max Property Group Share Price
Since its inception in 2016, the MPG share price has risen from 0.000012 Euros to 3.85 Euros.
Funds raised on MCF
Max Crowdfund raised 1.5 M Euros on the platform in its first year of operation, a figure that has risen to over 50 Million in just 3 years.
Max Crowdfund Platform users
Max Crowdfund platform users grew quickly, from around 1000 after its first year of operation, in 2021, to over 10,000 in 2023.
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Max Crowdfund

Max Crowdfund, or MCF, is a crowdfunding platform focusing on real estate projects, backed by tangible assets. Since its launch in 2020, the platform has successfully raised more than €50 million for 140+ projects in 3 countries. More than 10,000 people have created an account on Max Crowdfund.

Over the last few months, Max Crowdfund has been conducting communications with the Dutch financial services authorities (the AFM) for the submission of an European Crowdfunding Service Provider (ECSP) licence, and the final submission was completed during the summer of 2023.  Max Crowdfund has been told to expect confirmation of a decision on the licence during September 2023. 

The ECSP regulation requires crowdfunding platforms to be licensed before November 2023 (EU 2020/1503).  Due to expense and procedural difficulty, many platforms have decided not to apply for the licence and it is expected that less than 200 crowdfunding platforms will remain active across Europe. 

The European crowdfunding market is therefore on the verge of consolidation and Max Crowdfund is actively looking at acquisition opportunities during this significant transitional period.  With the Maximise powered MCF 2.0 software, the ECSP licence and the current industry climate, Max Crowdfund is aiming to grow significantly, with some acquisition targets already in sight.  

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Whilst developing a superior software system for Max Crowdfund, the IT team were researching available products that might fit the bill, and came up short. It became clear that a versatile financial software system was missing in the market, and so the decision to build one was made.

Developing Maximise has been a long and complex project, due to its complete set of services and features. It was tested in Alpha during the summer of 2023, and went live in Alpha in September.  It is currently being tested by Max Crowdfund users and Alpha testing volunteers, before plans to release additional features for other clients are realised.