Introduction Felix Berkhout, CEO

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Max Property Group Stock Issuance

Total issuance of 1,000,000 MPGS shares (or certificates)
Price per MPGS € 3,85
Participation from 200 MPGS
1% bonus from 12.500 MPGS
2% bonus from 25.000 MPGS
3% bonus from 37.500 MPGS
4% bonus from 50.000 MPGS
5% bonus from 62.500 MPGS

ECSPR license application in final phase

Own white-label financial automation software

Acquisition of other crowdfunding platforms

Projected growth of 200%+ for the coming 5 years

A Perfect Storm:

The Power of European Crowdfunding & Cross-border Financial Services is Unleashed We would like to introduce you to a unique investment opportunity to be part of one of the fastest-growing sectors in Europe: Alternative financing.

This is your chance to invest in a company that:

  • Offers alternative financing
  • Develops its own PropTech/FinTech white-label software
  • Will be fully licensed (by the AFM) within a consolidating market
  • Becomes an agent for the world's largest payment service provider

The investment opportunity:

With the upcoming ECSP regulation, which requires that crowdfunding platforms be licensed by November 2023 (EU 2020/1503), the European crowdfunding market is on the verge of consolidation. Max Property Group has a clear advantage in this: We are the parent company of an established name in the European crowdfunding market, which is in the process of obtaining an ECSP license: Max Crowdfund. After the market consolidation, it is expected that fewer than 200 crowdfunding platforms will remain active throughout Europe!

But that's not all! With Maximise, an advanced white-label financial automation software, we will drive innovation for all financial service providers. The global expansion of this product offers significant growth opportunities. Our software integrates seamlessly with external service providers, and once we are active as an agent for one of the world's leading payment service providers, our users can obtain IBANs and directly exchange currencies on their account.

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Our Growth

Our growth strategy as a company involves promoting Max Crowdfund's expansion throughout the entire EU. With the upcoming ECSP regulation and Maximise in mind, we see huge marketing and M&A opportunities across Europe. In fact, we have already confirmed our first M&A deal, which doubles the size of Max Crowdfund.

Max Crowdfund

Max Crowdfund offers a crowdfunding platform for real estate, backed by tangible assets. Since its launch in 2020, the platform has already successfully raised over €50 million for 140 projects in 4 countries. In the meantime, more than 10,000 people have already created an account.


Maximise: is our advanced financial automation solution that streamlines the crowdfunding process and has already generated interest worldwide, with Max Crowdfund being the first customer to use it. We expect to go live in New Zealand with the new software later this year.
Max Property Group Share Price
Funds raised (2)
Platform users (6)
€ 5M
Series A Funding
MCF platform users
€ 49M+
Raised on MCF
Software launch in 2023
Application submitted

Latest Developments

  • Max Property Group has already raised €5 million in capital through a Series A round. This has been invested in our technology, expanding the team, and the ECSPR license application.
  • Max Crowdfund has submitted the license application for a European Crowdfunding Service Provider (ECSP) and it has been confirmed by the AFM (Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets) that it is complete. In September, we expect a final answer. With this license, Max Crowdfund will be one of the few players in the European market to offer its services. This will allow us to grow explosively!
  • Since its inception, Max Crowdfund has raised over 50 million euros on the platform. The group is launching Maximise in September, a financial automation and data processing fintech Software as a Solution (SaaS).
  • As the crowdfunding market is consolidating, the group has identified several M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) opportunities, one of which has already been agreed upon.


The group finalised a 5 Million Euro Series A equity round in December 2022.  A Series B equity round is planned for once some significant milestones have been achieved: Namely. Max Crowdfund is in the latest stage of aquiring an ECSP licence, Maximise has been launched in various jurisdictions and Max Crowdfund users will be able to receive IBANs as well as receiving on-platform Forex via the services of Currencycloud.

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Meet Maximise

Maximise is a white-label financial automation and data processing platform that is being developed as a multilingual solution with capabilities for multiple currencies on one account. It is also compliant in multiple jurisdictions. With Maximise, one can launch a fintech platform within a few days and manage any financial product, from individual and business onboarding to automated KYC (Know Your Customer) and KYB (Know Your Business) checks, ongoing AML (Anti-Money Laundering) monitoring, and comprehensive financial and tax reporting. Max Crowdfund is the first customer of Maximise.


Please contact us if you would like to be a part of the demo testing for the Maximise software
In addition to the Shareholders' meetings, we will keep this page updated with new information and send out newsletters whenever there is a significant development.
The main achievement of this year have been: Within Max Crowdfund, the continuous posting and filling of loans with minimal marketing efforts, additions to the core team, internal policy improvements and the submission of the ECSP licence application.
Other than the ongoing running and improvement of the Max Crowdfund platform, and ECSP licence application, we have been focusing on the development of the Maximise platform, both for Max Crowdfund and as a stand alone product.
Aside from the plans already communicated for Maximise and Max Crowdfund, we are in discussions with renewable energy production companies with a view to finance solar and wind projects on the MCF platform. This is still at an early stage. If the ECSP licence is granted, it will open up a great deal of opportunities which will be communicated at a later date.
You can reach us during normal office hours at: +31 10 307 0948, or by email on:, or at our offices in: Brielselaan 85, 3081 AB Rotterdam, Nederland

Invest in our equity round

  • Price per MPGS € 3,85
  • Participate from 200 MPGS
  • 1% bonus from12.500 MPGS
  • 2% bonus from 25.000 MPGS
  • 3% bonus from 37.500 MPGS
  • 4% bonus from 50.000 MPGS
  • 5% bonus from 62.500 MPGS

= €770,00
The minimum number of MPGS is 200
You can only invest in multiples of 100 MPGS.