Max Property Group: Newsletter October 2021

Max Property Group: Newsletter October 2021

Why Not Have Everything As Max Crowdfund?

We are continuously seeking ways to improve our services and one of our fundamental beliefs is to listen to our users who first-hand experience Max Crowdfund. 

We were informed by our users that they sometimes confuse Max Property Group with Max Crowdfund and vice versa.

As such we have decided to change all our customer facing emails to Max Crowdfund, as that is essentially our main brand name. Both our internal and external branding will follow suit and focus on displaying Max Crowdfund.  

We aim to eliminate the confusion among our customers with this new strategy and take the necessary steps to benefit our users and us in the long term.

If you have any additional suggestions, they are of course more than welcome.


Over €7,5 Million Raised In Total!

We already mentioned in our previous newsletter that the German €1,5M loan has officially passed the threshold of €1M and can, therefore, be added to our list of successfully funded real estate projects.

With the achievement of the German loan, the total amount raised has gone over €7,5M, which brings us closer to our goal of €10M total raised by the end of 2021.

The German loan is, of course, still available at Max Crowdfund until Tuesday 9 November 2021, 22:00 CET. Thus, if you have not done so yet, you can still claim your spot to enjoy a 10% annual return.  


Complaint Procedure

We are soon going to apply for the European Crowdfunding Service Providers (ECSP) license and one of the requirements is an official complaints procedure. As such we have registered with KiFiD, a financial complaints institute. Another step forward!

Referral Giveaway

Our first referral giveaway is almost at its end. Users have until Friday the 5th of November at 10:00 CET to recommend as many new investors to our platform. Good luck to those who are still aiming to win up to €1000.

Check out the rules to participate here.

How To Invest In Real Estate Via Crowdfunding?

Still unsure whether Max Crowdfund is the platform for you? Then read all about how easy investing in real estate via crowdfunding is in the following blog post.

The Max Property Podcast

Our Max Property Podcast host welcomed some very special guests. He conversed with an MPG investor who explained the process behind the Series A equity round and also gave the floor to a property investor from the Northeast of England. Tune in to October’s ‘Max Property Podcast’ episodes by clicking here.

Written by: Roos van Beek