Max Property funds

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10% fixed interest 5 year property bond

Max Property Group UK - Repaid 2020

GBP 4,250,000
Vastgoed Obligatie
Fixed interest
Profit share
Bond issue £ 4,250,000
Mortgage financing £ 5,750,000
Total fund investment £ 10,000,000
Fixed interest of 10% per annum
Additional 30% profit share at the end of the term
Projected yield of 13+% per annum
Term of 5 years
Professional fund administrator
Experienced property manager

Max Property Funds is a part of the Max Property Group and launched its first property bonds in the Netherlands in 2016. A bond issue for property in German and a bond issue for property in the United Kingdom followed in 2017 and a 2nd bond issue for property in the Netherlands followed in 2018.

The idea was always to allow the general public to invest in real estate investment opportunities by lowering the entry level to € 10,000, but after a few years, we realised we needed to lower the entry level even further to really allow everyone to make there first investment.

When allowing people to invest from as little as € 100, all systems have to be 100% automated, else it is an impossible task. This is why we started developing Max Crowdfund in 2018.

We are still passionate about structuring real estate funds and now assist third parties with both the structuring of the companies, the drafting of documents and the marketing of real estate investment funds.

Would you like to structure a real estate fund or do you have an insteresting project for which you would like to raise funds?

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